Measures to counteract infection from SARS-CoV-2

Dear Customer, welcome to the Dòlaondes Aquatic Centre. Regarding the COVID 19 emergency we inform you that the structure has adopted a series of precautions and safety measures which are described in the present document and which we ask you to read carefully.

To allow for improved clean and healthy surroundings, unnecessary objects and furnishings have been removed.

On your arrival you will find the structure cleaned and sanitised according to the following guidelines:

  • The structure is cleaned thoroughly using exclusively certified products, alcohol and antibacterial products.
  • The air will be purified and sanitised using certified sprays of ammonium salts in alcohol solution
  • Dishware in the bar area is completely disinfected with special cleansing cycles.
  • Linen and towels which are supplied to our customers are sanitised using high temperature cleansing cycles which certify their complete sanitisation.
  • As imposed by the new COVID-19 regulations, all pools have had an increase in dosage of chlorine to 1,20 mg/l.

To make sure that all these measures are efficiently applied and in order to help you enjoy a relaxing and safe stay we ask you to help us by adopting the following simple rules:

  • It is preferable to book online. The advance online sale guarantees your entrance.
  • Access is not allowed to anyone with a body temperature >37.5° C
  • Put your personal objects and clothes back into your own bag.
  • A shower using soap is obligatory before accessing all pools.
  • The use of a swimming cap is obligatory.
  • Anyone accompanying minors will be held responsible for making them respect the same hygienic behavioural health rules.

Thank you for your attention and enjoy your stay.

Download Dòlaondes Covid-19 in PDF

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