Eghes Wellness

Our wellness centre Eghes was developed in 2000 and is now annexed to Dòlaondes.

It has been based on the ancient philosophy of bioclimatology used in Roman Baths and also by others who realised the beneficial properties of water. A nudist spa, where the use of a swimsuit is not allowed. Hamman, hydromassage, frigidarium, Roman baths, conifer, thalasso, chamomile, tepidarium, relaxation area, Finnish sauna and bio-sauna. This last sauna is particularly suitable after a hard day’s skiing, climbing or trekking. Its benefits arise from the healthgiving properties of hot air and water.

CALIDARIUM, HYDROMASSAGE, LACONICUM, TEPIDARIUM: you start your Wellness path with the CALIDARIUM, the HAMMAM-Turkish bath, the HYDROMASSAGE, the LACONICUM (Roman bath), the TEPIDARIUM. Entering every area you can discover new worlds where hot and humidity stop the time and slow down body and mind giving benefits to breathing and skin.

WATER PARADISE: the FRIGIDARIUM, a cold area with light, tropical rains and revitalizing aromas, cold fog and ice waterfall. Perfect after warm bath and to increase blood circulation.

AROMARIUM, THALASSO, CHAMOMIL CAVE: healty and pleasent steam bath with natural essences.

FINNISH SAUNA: a cosy and big sauna (max 28 people).

RELAX AREA: a place where atmosphere, nice temperature and music give you a full relax feeling. Through your thermal path you will find revitalizing showers, cold fog with natural mint essences and blue refreshing cromo-therapy. Tropical rains with maracuja flavour and orange cromo-therapy will give you special sensations. Lateral, revitalizing scottish massage.

EGHES WELLNESS PATH: thanks to Eghes Wellness you can experience the ancient Roman thermae and its secrets connected to the benefits of warm air and water. The information below shows baths features and lenght of stay, even if it’s important to listen to your body to decide the right timing of each treatment. Our friendly staff is available to help you.

bath temperature recommended stay description
HAMMAM TURKISH BATH 45- 48°C 10-15 min. The humidity helps skin cleaning and moisturizing. Useful to improve breathing.
HYDROMASSAGE Max 15 min. Pool with air-water jet. It’s perfect to relax and rest between the treatments.
FRIGIDARIUM 5- 7°C Few min. Cold area with light rains, cold fog and ice waterfall. Perfect to increase blood circulation.
LACONICUM ROMAN BATH 65°C 10-15 min. High sweating helps detoxify the body, eliminating toxins. There are armchairs, warm benches and a cold pool where it’s possible to dip in.
CONIFER 45°C 5-8 min. Mint, pine, eucalyptus and orange steam rooms to help breathing.
THALASSO 40°C 5-8 min. Steam room with seaweed essences which clean the skin.
CHAMOMIL 45°C 5-8 min. Chamomil steam room to relax and therefore improve breathing.
TEPIDARIUM 37- 39°C Relax area with warm beds to remove excess fat.
ZONA RELAX Relaz area perfect to talk or rest between different treatments.
FINNISH SAUNA > 90°C 10 min. Ideal to renforce immune system through high sweating. Cool down stops are reccomended to stimulate blood circulation; stops have to be the same as stays.
KNEIPP POOL Alternating cold and warm pools for foot massage; perfect for blood circulation.
REVITALIZING SHOWER Cold fog with mint essence and blue, refreshing light, tropical, maracuja shower with orange light, lateral revitalizing, scottish massage.

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