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Why do you feel cold going in or out of water?

The human body regulates its temperature by taking into account that it is surrounded by air.
Our average body temperature is usually 37° C. When you go into a swimming pool and your body is immersed in the water you start to shiver. Why then do we still feel cold if the water within our body varies between 29° and 33°?

The reason why is because our body loses heat through external conduction from the direct contact with the water, even if it’s hot, unless above body temperature, you will feel cold. All this happens at the beginning, because your body then gets used to it.

Also when we come out of the water, the water on our skin evaporates taking away part of our body heat and again generating the sensation of cold.

What can be done to overcome the sensation of cold?

Take a shower before going into the pools.
Go into the sports pool first (29° – the coolest) and then move on gradually to those with a higher temperature.
Move around in the water to accelerate the heart beat and generate internal heat.

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