• 1. It is obligatory to take a shower, using soap, and then to disinfect your feet before entering the pool.
  • 2. Please use the changing rooms as it is forbidden to enter the pool area fully clothed.
  • 3. Nudism (either adult or child) is not permitted.
  • 4. Only flip-flops or similar footwear is allowed in the pool area. No outdoor shoes.
  • 5. It is obbligatory that you use a bathing cap.
  • 6. It is forbidden to dive into the pool from the pool edges.
  • 7. It is forbidden to run around the pool, in the changing rooms and in the showers
  • 8. No glass of any kind can be brought into the swimming pool (bottles, mirrors etc)
  • 9. No eating or drinking is allowed in the swimming pool area.
  • 10. The use of prescription glasses or sunglasses is not allowed in the pool area. Only swimming goggles with plastic lenses are permitted.
  • 11. It is forbidden for children that are under 105 cm in height to use the slide. Children under 120 cm in height must be accompanied by an adult.
  • 12. No sporting equipment is to be introduced into the swimming pool areas, including balls, footballs, tennis rackets etc.
  • 13. The children’s pool is only for children up to the age of 10. Adults accompanying small children are permitted to assist but are asked, for hygiene reasons, not to fully enter the pool.
  • 14. Children under the age of 3 are permitted to enter the pool areas and the children’s swimming pool only if they are wearing the appropriate costume (such as Huggies Little Swimmers) containing a nappy.
  • 15. It is forbidden to change nappies in the swimming pool areas.
  • 16. Children under the age of 11 must be accompanied by an adult who will assume full responsibility for the child/children.
  • 17. Unruly and threatening behaviour will not be tolerated. Admission will be refused to those apparently in a drunken or drugged condition. The staff is authorised to remove anyone from the premises whose behaviour is either posing a danger to themselves or to others. The Management reserves the right to refuse refunds to those removed from the building. Upon request customers must show a valid identity document.
  • 18. Access to the garden area is allowed only during the summer months. Before re-entering the swimming pool you are required to take a shower and disinfect your feet in the antimicotic solution. Do not engage in any activity in the garden which disturbs others.
  • 19. Please use our facilities carefully and avoid damage. Any damage must be paid for.
  • 20. Admission will be refused to anyone with a contagious disease, sores or open wounds. In such cases the Management can request a valid doctor’s certificate before granting admission.
  • 21. No animals are allowed on the premises.
  • 22. Smoking is not permitted on any part of the premises.
  • 23. The Management accepts no responsibility for any personal items or valuables left in the swimming pool areas, swimming pool, changing rooms or any other parts of the building or external areas.
  • 24. The customer must respect the opening and closing times of the pool as displayed outside the building.
  • 25. Please familiarise yourselves with the building plan showing evacuation routes and fire exits in case of fire or necessity of emergency evacuation.
  • 26. The purchase of an entrance ticket indicates the customer fully accepts these rules and regulations in their entirety.
  • 27. Photos and videos are forbidden inside the water centre and the wellness centre.
  • 28. Access to the poolside is allowed only in a swimsuit.
  • 29. Access to the bathtubs is allowed only in swimwear. The use of underwear or other forms of clothing is not permitted.


The voucher is valid until 31.12.2023 and must be presented at the Dòlaondes aquatic centre. Usable for the single person and cannot be combined with other vouchers.

The Management

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